Our Village Play Date at House of Boom!

It's no surprise that Our Village had a blast at our play date last month at House of Boom! We host play dates pretty frequently but the ones at House of Boom are extra fun. Play dates are a great way to get out of the house, make new friends, and experience some of the awesome activities offered by the city of Louisville!

It's no secret that one of our favorite Fit4Mom Lou hot spots is House of Boom. They offer 23,000 square feet of fun to explore. It is packed with a variety of activities guaranteed to put a smile on everyones' face. AND... once those flight passes expire and it's time to go home, your kiddos should be prepped and ready for nap time!


Some of our personal favorite areas at House of Boom are the foam pits and the wide open freedom you'll find on the 60+ trampoline grid. The kids love to roam and jump - the parents don't mind it either. 😉 What better way to bond with your children than bouncing into a giant mound of foam blocks??


If you've never joined us for a play date, consider this your invitation! Follow us on Facebook or check out our website to see our upcoming events.

And of course, check out House of Boom! We hope to see you there at one of our future play dates. In the meantime, it's a great meeting place for your own personal play dates. Invite a friend and head over to House of Boom today!

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