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Experience the Bounce!

December is such a busy month! As moms our plates are full of holiday events, preparing festive feasts, decorating our homes like magical wonderlands, and picking out the perfect gifts for our loved ones. The spirit and true magic of the holidays can easily get lost in the hustle and bustle of it all. Take a good look at how you plan to spend your time over the next few weeks. Are there ways you could use the time from now until New Years more meaningfully?

Here's an idea to help you knock out two of your to-dos at once this holiday season! We know you want to pick out super fun yet worthwhile presents for your kids. We also know that you want to spend quality time with your family. That said, how about investing in an experience gift instead of a tangible gift this year? Rather than spending money on a toy they may forget about in a few weeks, invest in a gift that will allow you to spend time together and make memories to last a lifetime.

There's no denying that our number one suggestion for a great experience gift would be House of Boom! Here are some fun ways to "package" this experience gift for your loved ones :

- Make a handmade coupon book with certificates for family date nights to House of Boom and other activities your recipient would like.

- Have you seen the saran wrap ball game? You can find instructions here. This game is a gift that's fun for the whole family to share! Hide some gift cards to House of Boom in the saran wrap. Maybe hide a pair of grip socks in the middle!

- Slide a House of Boom gift card into an envelope with a note explaining how special the recipient is to you and how you'd like to experience something fun together!

Come to think of it, giving the gift of House of Boom really checks off three to-do list items! Pick out an amazing gift. Check! Spend time with your family. Check! Burn off calories from those holiday treats. Check!

Happy Holidays!

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