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5 Reasons to Bring Your Kids to House of Boom

1. It promotes physical activity. It's cold in the ville. It actually snowed this week. We know how hard it is to keep those little ones active when you can't go outside without 4 layers of clothing. Turn off those t.v.'s, power down those ipads and get your kids moving!

2. It's safe. House of Boom's waiver clearly and honestly explains the risks associated with trampolines, but the professionals there understand how accidents happen and they take appropriate steps to make sure your child is kept safe. Adequate padding surrounds the jump areas and trained individuals are employed to watch while your kiddos jump.

3. It's fun. I mean...have you jumped on a trampoline lately? WE HAVE. And it's SUPER fun.

4. Better coordination and agility. Trampolining can improve your coordination and sense of balance. Jumping on a trampoline, you learn to control arms and legs and how to adjust your body position accordingly, thus improving your coordination and use of fine motor skills!

5. Save your furniture. Less jumping on couches and beds. More jumping on trampolines.

Contact House of Boom at 502-632-4455 or visit their website for more information!

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