Heather Howard

Hi! My name is Heather Howard. I was born in Fort Thomas Kentucky and have lived in Texas, Ohio, Georgia, and back to Kentucky!

I went to school at Northern Kentucky University for a bachelors degree in international studies with a concentration in Asian cultures and my minor was in Japanese. It's a mouthful to say I went to learn that I just like people :).

I moved to Louisville in November 2008 for my now husband and a job in importing and exporting. In the spring of 2010 I was laid off during the recession.

I researched internally for a solution and found love of fitness and people! Now I have an ACE Personal Training Certification since 2012. I teach TRX and have an adorable son named John with one on the way! When I found stroller strides I knew it was for me. A club of mom's gathered together to better themselves and be a great example for children couldn't be more on my path. Fitness is my passion and my children are my love. To combine those into one activity is priceless...

I can't wait to continue to share those days with you ladies. Thank you for letting me.

Tuesday – August 22, 2017


Tuesday – August 29, 2017

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